Responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining operating system workstations and servers, including web servers, in support of business processing requirements. Performs software installations and upgrades to operating systems and layered software packages. Schedules installations and upgrades and maintains them in accordance with established IT policies and procedures. Monitors and tunes the system to achieve optimum performance levels. Ensures workstation/server data integrity by evaluating, implementing, and managing appropriate software and hardware solutions. Ensures data/media recoverability by implementing a schedule of system backups and database archive operations. Supports media management through internal methods and procedures or through offsite storage and retrieval services. Develops and promotes standard operating procedures. Conducts routine hardware and software audits of workstations and servers to ensure compliance with established standards, policies, and configuration guidelines. Develops and maintains a comprehensive operating system hardware and software configuration database/library of all supporting documentation. Nature of Contribution- Expert level technical professional. Technical authority within organization. Contributes through own development of advanced technologies or concepts with global reach or industry application. Has direct impact on creation of technical products/services and serves as a role model and a mentor. Knowledge – Has extensive specialized technical expertise and applies expert knowledge and broad understanding of multiple disciplines. Integrates expert knowledge of technical principles and methods of multiple disciplines with knowledge of products/ services and internal operations. Advisor on AT&T technologies, systems and/or procedures. Analysis and Problem Solving – Solves complex, critical problems related to significant and unique issues. Uses extensive research and interpretative thinking. Utilizes innovative methods in developing solutions and works on abstract problems requiring evaluation of intangible variables. Independence – Guided by functional goals and objectives and may influence organization goals and objectives. Applies discretion to develop innovative solutions to problems without precedent. Contribution to AT&T Technology – Lead contributor on critical projects and technology initiatives. Develops integrated solutions across the organization. Contributes to complex and innovative business solutions to achieve strategic objectives. Communication- Provides technical expertise to peers across the company. Actively promotes good working relationships. Develops mutually beneficial strategic alliances with customers. REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Knowledge in the optimization of NAS or SAN Server environments supporting Editorial, Audio Composing, Animation, Compositing & Finishing workflows. Knowledge of how to leverage post production workflows technically in a true hybrid of operating systems inclusive of: Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Unix. Minimum 10 years of experience. Knowledge of both Copper and Fiber based networking and how to leverage both. Knowledge of how to optimize networking systems to support large media: ie. HD, 4K, RED Camera video files and the bandwidth and support required to maintain a quality consistent studio environment. Be able to maintain, develop and strategize systems and improvements for 2D and 3D motion graphic / animation dependent post production environment. Knowledge in and be able to troubleshoot 3D animation packages: Cinema 4D or Maya Support heavy render farms & rendering software technologies like VRAY, Arnold or Octane, along with rendering management technologies like Deadline, RenderPal Or Pipeline FX. Knowledge of render farm utilization and computation. Knowledge in and be able to troubleshoot computer applications including:Apple (Final Cut Pro, Mac OS Xserver, open directory) Adobe applications (After Effects, Premiere, etc.) Cinema 4D Microsoft office suite Aspera NUKE Davinci Episode / Flip Factory or Transcoding Equivalents DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Knowledge to write and maintain python scripts to monitor render environment, improve efficiency and provide a better user experience Java, Bash or Command Line Scripting Ability to test scripts and programs written by other team members. Knowledge in coding and database technologies such as Bash Scripting, Basic PHP, Python, SQL, Ruby and/or HTML. Experience using and writing technical documentation