Description Details Purpo $4.50 / + tips To se To serve food and beverages to customers while providing courteous, professional, efficient service and ensuring customer satisfaction. EssentEssential Job Functions: 1.Gr eet and welcome guests warmly at the tables; suggest specials and particular menu items within five (5) minutes of guest’s seating. 2.C heck station assigned to you for cleanliness prior to opening. Handle 5-6 tables with 20-30 guests at one time. 3. Do all necessary set-up sidework as per sidework schedule. 4. Be knowledgeable of all menu items, their garnishes, contents and preparation methods. Be prepared to answer any guest questions about the menu in a direct, concise way. Know the Use Records. 5. Use suggestive selling. 6. Complete knowledge of service standards for beer, liquor wine. 7. Follow procedures in taking guest’s order: write check accurately and legibly, properly pre-ring check, fill-in food dupe completely, attach soft copy to dupe and time-stamp to dupe. 8.C heck food before serving it to guest to ascertain that appearance, temperature and portions are correct. 9. Maintain 20-30 minute ticket time. Check back with the guests periodically to ensure satisfaction. 10. Present guest checks and collect all monies for full payment of check. 11. Be able to operate the electronic cash register (where applicable). No voids or deletes without management’s written approval. 12. As sist Dining Room Attendant/Bus Help with set-up and clearing of tables when necessary. 13. Declare tips according to IRS standards. 14. Respond properly to irritated or angry guests. 15. Immediately clean all spills. Essent16.Clear table during meals. 17. Know and follow all sanitation procedures. Marginal Functions: 1. Assist in other servers when needed. Job, K Knowledge, Skills and other requirements: 1. Able to communicate accurately and effectively in verbal and written form with guests and associates so as to respond accurately and completely to people to give directions, instructions, information, answer questions and provide service as required. 2.M emorize the menu, specials of the day and special promotions; have an accurate short term memory. 3. Stand or walk for varying lengths of time, sometimes for long periods. 4. Lift and carry heavy trays- approximately twenty (20) pounds. 5. Understand and operate MICROS system (or registers). 6. Stoop, twist, bend, reach and lift to serve food and beverages, to clean, restock stations, etc. 7. Use arithmetic to calculate checks and collect payment. HOW TO APPLY: Please email resumes to: dallas.marriott@yahoo.com or apply in person 2493 N Stemmons Freeway Dallas, TX 75207