Job Description Position Summary: Provides professional nursing care for clinic patients following established standards and practices. The Registered Nurse is able to provide leadership in all situations, including emergencies, utilizing concepts of critical thinking and creative problem solving to ensure positive outcomes. The incumbent of this position is able to delegate duties during an emergency situation in the office environment. Works collaboratively with providers within the team setting to facilitate quality care for the patient and should be familiar with the resources available in the community and the proper methods to refer patients to them. Job Responsibilities:1. May perform the following tasks in accordance with established procedures and as prescribed by applicable licensure/certification: Obtain/record vital signs; perform initial assessment on patient; coordinate patient transfer to hospital and/or discharge; give telephone orders; accept telephone test results; perform telephone triage; call in provider approved prescription refills; specimen collection including stool and urine midstream; catheterize patient; indwelling catheter urine collection; obtain throat culture; pregnancy testing; administer urine dip; obtain wound culture; perform snellen vision screening; eye injury management; administer optic/otic meds; assist with lumbar punctures; sputum collection; occult blood testing; assist with vaginal exam; teach crutch/cane walking; teach use of walker; apply Velcro splint; assist with plaster splint; apply moist heat and/or cold packs; administer enema; remove fecal impaction; administer oxygen; teach respiratory hygiene; administer chest physiotherapy; perform oral suction and/or infant suction bulb; wound care; apply sterile dressing; assist with circumcision; perform umbilical care; apply colloidal dressing; open sterile tray; apply topical medications; administer rectal and/or vaginal medications; give oral medications; and, give sublingual medications to adults and/or pediatric patients. 2. May perform the following tasks only if appropriate training has been obtained: Blood collection by lancet; pulse oximetry; incentive Spirometry; suture and/or staple removal; ear irrigation; administer breathing treatment; give allergy/insulin/immunization medications to adult and/or pediatric patients; give intramuscular and/or subcutaneous injections to adult and/or pediatric patients; give injections Z track to adult patients. 3. May perform the following tasks after providing verification of completion of special training: Blood collection venipuncture; audiometry exam; titmus vision screening; EKG; administer electrical stimulation; assist/process biopsies; administer IV push medications and/or add medications to IV fluid; draw blood from portocath; administer/monitor conscious sedation; administer radio contrast media by IV; assist endoscopy, start saline lock or IV fluids and monitor IV fluids. 4. May perform radiology exams if approved per state law under “grandfather clause” and maintains current requirement. 5. Attends required meetings and participates in committees as requested. 6. Participates in professional development activities and maintains professional licensure and affiliations. 7. Follows the CHRISTUS Provider Network guidelines related to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), designed to prevent or detect unauthorized disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI). 8. Maintains strict confidentiality. 9. Uses oral and written communication skills to effectively convey ideas in a clear, positive manner that is consistent with the CHRISTUS Mission. 10. Maintains established CHRISTUS Provider Network policies, procedures, objectives, quality assurance, safety, environmental and infection control. 11. Implements job responsibilities in a manner that is consistent with the CHRISTUS Mission and Code of Ethics and supportive of CHRISTUS Provider Network’s cultural diversity objectives. 12. Supports and adheres to CPN Service Guarantee. 13. Performs other related work as required. Job Requirements Qualifications: Graduate of an accredited school of nursing. One year of professional nursing experience in a clinic setting preferred. Possession of a valid State Registered Nurse license. Current CPR certification.