Job Description The Department Director is responsible for all departmental functions in support of the hospital mission, vision, and facility goals. The Executive Chef identifies the cost-effective systems needed to support the business of the department taking into account business trends, resource availability and changes in customers. This position establishes effective working relationships with all constituencies including patients, physicians, employees, volunteers and vendors. The Director identifies and remedies through continuous customer satisfaction data and employee involvement. The Department Director works with Senior Management in meeting Facility goals.   This position is fully trained in all aspects of food preparation and production. Thoroughly trained in culinary skills, with extensive banquet knowledge. This position will prepare food for patients, employees, visitors, and catered functions and will train and direct fellow cooks. Incumbent will follow safety and sanitation guidelines.Required Skills Minimum: Reading, basic math, written language in English. Preferred: High School Education (diploma) or equivalent; banquet and cooking experience and training or education in culinary arts Minimum of 3 years relevant experience in a high volume restaurant, hospital, or institution preferred. Meet all city, county, state and federal certification standards Ability to prepare aesthetically pleasing and appetizing menus. Demonstrate food creativity on a daily basis. Ability to operate and instruct on all kitchen and cafeteria cooking/holding equipment. Computer skills is preferred. Good communication and organizational skills to exercise independent judgment. Experience in all phases of cooking required.