Mechanical or Vessel Engineer will perform detailed design and calculations of marine scrubber towers and tanks. Design using commercial vessel software supplemented by custom calculations such as Mathcad and/or Spreadsheets routines. Mechanical or Vessel Engineer will check detail drawings (Drafting by other). Design and calculate tower wall thicknesses, anchoring design, nozzle attachments, structural supports for internal components, support and lifting lugs, essentially all aspects of the spray tower and tank design. Calculate wind loads, loads due to ship pitch/roll and accelerations, deflections, thermal loads, harmonics, and foundation loads. Incorporate vibration mounts at the anchor points and upper support clips. Mechanical or Vessel Engineer will prepare bid packages to shops, review shop drawings and respond to shop questions. Prepare lifting and rigging plans and design lifting lugs and shipping bracing. Participate in a tower design optimization program to reduce the tower material and fabrication cost. Mechanical or Vessel Engineer will develop standard design for a range of tower diameters and tank sizes.